Sunday, July 26, 2009

no one

It feels like no one of my friends actually want to talk to me.

He wants me to do him favour after favour; he does not recognize that I'm obviously getting pissed. He always makes it into me to make him feel better about himself; he ignores when I'm upset and need cheering up. He barely saw me, only talks to me when hes bored at work and ignores when I'm feeling bad about myself. He likes to pretend that he's dead and think it's funny. He likes to be non verbal and push away. She tells me that I'm rude, take things away from me, and make me feel bad when I know for a fact that I shouldn't. She wants to not bring up issues and ignore me when I do; my reward for trying to help is being down one friend?

Am obviously not a good friend or some friggen shiz. I'm going to go crawl in a hole by myself now, bye.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

take a ride on the Andy Cycle

Hero's needs to start showing this Ando. Everyone should follow James Kyson Lee on Twitter. Even with clothes, he looks pretty damn good. They should show more of him and then have Peter & Claire kill each other.. for realsies.

That's it for today. Have a good night ya'll. 

Monday, July 6, 2009

Uno and Whistler

On Thursday, I chilled out on our new patio furniture with some beers, Phil and Sam. We soon pulled out the Uno because I love it (not so much Phil hhah). Jess also joined us later. After a few rounds, it came down to Sam and Phil. I loved the smack talk haha it was worth getting a little bored for not getting to play. I was a little nervous because who ever built our patio didn't do it very well, there are many cracks between the boards of wood. I can't bear losing even one Uno card! 
When Sam won a game, she went on my laptop and tried to
 play around wi
th Photo Booth. The light was difficult to handle with the special backgrounds haha as clearly proven by this photograph. She tried for a really long time, I have to give her props for effort. After Phil left, we went inside to try some more. This one is supposed to be us on a roller coaster in case you're wondering why we posed like that haha or not, we're fun like that = )  We tried multiple light settings and still did not get very good shots so we decided to go upstairs so I could pack for Whistler. 

Whistler was pretty fun. The first thing we did was go to The Amsterdam Pub to have some delicious 
nachos. They were hugeeee and very filling. Jess had a Mediterranean pizza but it wasn't that good. It was just like a greasy cheese pizza. They didn't have any Strongbo for Sam so she had a water, Coke for Meghan (I can't really remember but I assume she had a Coke), Heni for Jess and a Growers Peach Cooler for me.  Then we went to IGA to get cake and the liquor store of goods. I discovered that Meghan also has a love for Soho and 7s. = ) We also hung out with Tayla = ) went to the pool = ) had a beavertail = ) played Uno = ) The bus ride back was a lot better than they one on the way there. It was emptier so we all got two seats to ourselves. Then PDawg drove us home (Sam and I to White Spot). It was all good stuff = )

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