Thursday, September 24, 2009


September is one of the busiest months for us students. School is really freaking me out. I'm taking the last class for my Marketing Management Diploma while taking 3rd and 4th year classes for my Bachelors of Business Admin. Every one of my classes makes me realize that this is not what I want; this is not what I'm passionate about, not even close. All my classmates are so eager to learn and get out into the real big bad business world. Langara is now offering some Display and Design classes to Arts and Science Students. Part of me wants to take them but I've already got all my electives filled up since I did a whole year of Arts and Science courses. All through elementary and high school, I thought I would be doing some thing artistic. I don't know what happened, what's happening or what will happen.

In addition to taking four classes four days a week, I decided to work as well. I can't work 30 hrs/week for that much longer. I'm always tired and have no free time. I'm scared that even after this hectic month that I won't have time for all the people in my life. What if I don't have time to be with anyone?

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