Monday, March 21, 2011

The boring life of one who can't cook.

Today I ate this
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I watch so many tv shows but I feel like there's nothing to watch on Tv, how strange is that? Here is what I currently think of the tv shows that I watch!

How I Met Your Mother - I was starting to think that this season was getting better (in terms of the entire series) but now that it's been renewed for 4 more years or w/e?! I think they've done that because Two and A Half Men is down the drain now. I read an interview with the writers and they sounded boarder line douchey. They basically said that they don't know what they're doing with some story lines (like the goat in the washroom) and they already know who Ted's going to meet the mom. It's like they're just dicking us around but I've seen all the episodes so I have to keep watching.

Pretty Little Liars - I've only seen a few episodes and so far I'm getting a Gossip Girl feel (sorry to those who watch Gossip Girl). All the episodes seem to be based on suspense that goes no where at the end of each episode. I must say though, I like watching the pretty clothes and still want to know what happens. Part of me keeps saying that I have to watch all the old episodes to catch up on the empty plot line.

Glee - I actually stopped watching for a while after becoming obsessed with this show (I may or may not have an obsessive behaviour). They plot started to not be strong enough to support the singing. I started re watching again because they started singing some songs I know plus I love Holly! I found out that they're doing original songs and I was worried because I watch to hear songs I know (I love knowing stuff!). I watched it today and it wasn't that bad. PS Kurt and Blain = so adorable!

Modern Family - I love this show! It's one of those shows where I don't have a favourite cause it's impossible. I love how the characters Cam and Mitchell kissed but the show didn't make the episode revolve around it.

Cougar Town - Courtney Cox's bo tox face took me a while to get used to but it's actually really funny. I don't think I know any one else who watches this show.

Vampire Diaries - APRIL 7Th!!!!

Bones - This show is hard to watch because it's on the same time as Vampire Diaries. Vampire Diaries is also on an hour before but I'm usually not home yet. For those who do watch Bones, when the hell are Bones and Booth getting together? It needs to happen soon. It's not as frustrating as How I Met Your Mother, not even close. John Francis Daily is in it as well! He played Sam in Freaks and Geeks; he was so adorables.

Big Bang Theory - Funny! At first I was scared that the nerds would be too annoying to watch (I can watch them in my real life). Jess made a comment that the girl (Penny) isn't even that hot and she needs to be cause it's a 1:4 ratio. She started watching it when I watched it and the other night she watched a whole season on my laptop. Phil said he doesn't want to watch it cause he's afraid it will remind him of his real life. I told him that at least he's the cool one with a girlfriend haha then it turned into me talking about myself. Love all the bazingas!

Simpsons - Will always watch. Period.

(Notice how I'm naming the shows in order that they air during the week? haha)

Misfits - I may be crazy but I think I saw a commercial on tv one day for this show. I downloaded all of the episodes cause it's on E4, a UK channel I believe. Watching it makes me want to try watching Skins again (watched a few episodes at Sams before). I think peoples first reaction is that it sucks cause the characters gain super powers and it reminds them of Heroes, which went super down hill. But I swear it's better than that! I also love accents so... it's good hah

Boardwalk Empire - Great acting and long episodes. I don't know when there will be new episodes. I wonder how much of it is true cause it's based on a real person and era in history.

True Blood - Needs to start again now so I can watch Alexander Skarsgard!!

Breaking Bad - When will it be back? I actually forgot what was going on in the last episode that was new. I see reruns sometimes but you really need to be in the right mood to watch it. It's quite serious but has some little laughs in between. The acting is really superb and it makes a difference.

Walking Dead - I'd say good but not great. Still a little undecided. At first I thought it was good but then I started thinking and wondering how much can it get? They just keep running from zombies?

That's it for now! = )

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