Tuesday, June 30, 2009

new obsession

  • I bought the first season of Six Feet Under a while ago because it was on sale at HMV. HBO shows are friggen expensive. I watched it in two days and immediately became obsessive, as I do with many things. Due to a lack of cash flow, I'm now watching the second season online. Let the sleepless nights begin. I like dark comedies. Speaking of, is The Riches still on? I've been waiting a while for it to start up again on showcase. I also discovered that there is a book... Anyway, I like the shows little day dream sequences and musical bits when everyone breaks out in song = ) Plus Gio from Ugly Betty is in it = )

  • I've always heard good things about Dexter and now I have to watch it even more because Michael C Hall from Six Feet Under is in it. Apparently he is married to the lady who plays his sister on Dexter, is that kind of weird? My life consists of lots of television. I also still have Mad Men to watch, but I'm waiting to watch it with Sam. Imagine if I had HBO, I'd never leave home. 

  • Jess finally watched Hangover, I watched it again with her. Was not as good as the first time I watched it but better in the sense that we did not have to go to a different theater and still sit in the third row. I think my favourite scene was when Ed Helms sang on the piano, I was waiting for him to sing the whole time = ) I was scared that the character Allan was going to annoy Jess because she doesn't like stupid people. She found him to be amusing though, I was glad. I'm excited for The Hangover 2, I hope the character Doug is in it more, he was pretty cute. 

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