Friday, February 20, 2009

cha ching ching bling

I want to get a gold chain but holy crap are they more than what I want to pay for. This one comes in gold plated or half silver half gold plated. It costs $56. That's just way too much, it's expensive being a g. I've been in to jewellery since I started working at U. Since it is so slow there, I'm pretty sure that I've tried on everything (except for earrings because I don't have my ears pierced). There is a lot of stuff I want but am not willing to pay for. There is a sterling silver hippo Biagi bead but I recently found my hippo mood ring so I don't know if I should still buy the bead. (Side note: my mood ring tells me that I only ever feel stressed or neutral) The first time I got jewellery as a gift, I thought 'What the hell is this?' haha I don't know what was wrong with me. Now I love all that good shit. In addition to a gold chain, I want to get a long necklace so I can layer them. There is one at work that has has a black ball and a little key hanging off of it that I want. I swear, it looks better than it sounds. I don't have a picture so you will just have to take my word on it.

Still want a mac book.

Should I cut my hair again?

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I don't consider myself to be one who is comfortable with sharing her feelings. I get really awkward and do odd hand gestures and stutter. I don't know why this is, I know my friends will be there for me. I find some people easier to talk to, it's not that I like or trust some them more than my other friends; I just feel more comfortable. I started to think it's because they initiate a two way sharing system but then I looked back and It's not necessarily true.. Maybe some people are just better listeners than others or having things in common makes its easier for me to share. Oh what a world it would be to understand yourself.

I think I should look for a new job when I get back in May. Hope I have it in me to quit... gosh knows how long it took me to leave 'the place that shall not be named', as Anna calls it. I want to try something new (not retail), but I also like the familiar. Any suggestions? Anyway... it's 3:07a and even Mattie is asleep, think I should hit the hay.

...and oh yeah, I'm obsessed.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday Night

All though I was very excited for Tegan and Sara + Broken Social Scene yesterday, I totally forgot it was this week even though Sam asked me forever what seats we have and when it starts (we were row 7 at 8P). We were both tired while waiting for the show to start, luckily it was a seated concert hah. The music that they played before, in between and after the bands was really weird. It started off with some 80's pop tune. Then a representative from the Olympiad came out to talk because I guess the show was brought to us by them after all. He mainly was trying to talk up the whole Olympics shit. Needless to say, we were not feeling it. So he finally left, then very shortly after Tegan and Sara came! They were amazing, I love them =) I also like that they are small and have large breasts for their size. They played I Know I Know and Call It Off, my favourites. I don't know much about guitars but they switched a lot.. does that say something about them? That question was directed to Matt ha I also enjoyed how they talked to the audience but eventually talked to each other cause I feel that Jess and I would do that... or me and anyone.

Then their set was over. The music before Broken Social Scene got a little better. They played Wintersleep twice! Then it was Flight of the Conchords but very very softly.
9 people from Broken Social Scene came out in case any one was wondering. They said something about Santogold and Yeah Yeah Yeahs stealing from Tegan and Sara.. I didn't know what was happening or care for it. I personally really enjoy all three of them and do not think they sound alike. I prefer more lyrics in my songs but the music sounded very epic and therefore enjoyable.I must share this picture from the washroom at the Orpheum. I personally feel that it sends a very good message for folks out there and I would like to say that I am one of those scents-itive people!

After the show, I went to purchase some merch. The table was not set up very well. The tees were up on the wall behind two tables but only one the girl on the right was doing the transactions for all the tees. The girl behind the other table was only selling vinyls, pins and such. ... Sam suggested that maybe the bands wanted to keep everything separate but the things were mixed. So I got really confused and the girl selling the less popular items wa
sn't very clear in directing people to the correct girl. Then we went to the Pocky store which is becoming a tradition after shows on Granville St.

Prior to going downtown, I gladly helped Sam clean her room. It was fun! I also love her room because it is like a library.I came home with some goods. Three of those are things she borrowed from me still good stuff! She bought Charlie Brown for $2.00 and never even opened it! So she gave it to me for Valentines Day hah best present ever!!!

I must finish editing Dak's assignment now, toodle ooo.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

K? K.

I know it will never happen, but could you promise to never stop talking to me cause our friendship is so legendary? K? K, awesome.

*I totally forgot, I've decided that when you comment on my blog, I now require you to tell me your verification 'word'. Also, how you read it to say something that describes yourself, me or our relationship. Thanks!

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