Tuesday, March 24, 2009

usual ramblings

So, I know that Sam has been waiting for this post for a long time. I would like to take the time now to talk about cats (sorry, Meghan). What I said about cats was taken out of complex because Sam knows that there is no other way she could ever get me to say that I love cats. I said "I love cats with lasers" because as we all know, I love laser cats (my shirt is finally here =)). Now I know that Sam doesn't care about what context I said it in because she is a crazy cat lady but I wanted to tell the peoples that I specifically was talking about laser cats. Now that that is dealt with, I'm going to do my usual complaining thing now.

I woke up for school today after sleeping at 3a from doing close to nothing (eating McNuggets). I microwaved a croissant and filled up my water bottled. I can't really remember because I had only been awake for like ten minutes but here is what I think happened. I started to microwave my croissant, filled my water bottled, left the kitchen to pack my bag. Then I left the house with the croissant in the microwave and my filled up water bottle on the kitchen counter. This is no surprise to people who know me but I am hungry and thirsty =/ so I bought an ice cap. Then I get to school and read someones peer review of my proposal for communications on my phone in class. Turns out, I uploaded the wrong file, which means I also handed in the wrong file. I don't have any of my files one me and even though my class is over, I have to stay to work on a group project. SIGH, so I have to wait until I get home to sort all that shit out. I don't know where my head is ...

In addition to having no pc at home for quite some time now, our printer is broken and so is Jess' laptop. Time to drop some mad dollars at the Apple store. There is some type of rebate for buying a printer so that's exciting. Getting new things in general are exciting for me. My life needs to be spiced up. All though I experience buyers remorse all the time. Not so much about the products/services but for spending money. I went to the mall and downtown on Friday with Meghan then the next day I went back to the mall with Sam and Jamie. I some how spent $200 in those two days... *shame. Im proud of some of my purchaes though, I bought the Nick and Nora soundtrack for $5 at Urban Oufitters. I have yet to listen to it but am excited that it was so cheap.

Off to do some scholarly activities now, later days.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

multimedia troubles

My dad has recently informed me that his iPod nano stopped working. Being my dad, he thinks that I manufactured the product and can fix it. I plugged his iPod into my laptop and it said that it was corrupt so I had to restore the factory settings. After I click 'restore', iTunes would stop responding. I tried this about three times. I'm not sure if my laptop is just slow so it's in progress or if my iTunes is now messed up too... sigh. So I guess I will try an other day.. I also need to do taxes. My STAT midterm is on Tues, so I should probably study for that as well. = / There needs to be more hours in a day. I've been sleeping before 1am these past few days (that's really early for me!). I'm supposed to brunch tomorrow with Phil but he is not answering my text message.. we will also see how that goes. I don't think I will wake up to study if we don't have brunch.

I went to see The Watchmen with Sam last night, she's full of free movie tickets (thanks HMV!). It was kind of hard to follow, I think I should have read the book first. The time line was hard to follow and the different generation of masked heroes... Plus, the guys next to me would not shut the hell up. The themes interested me though, so I think I will borrow the book from Sam in the near future. I also want to read about it on wikipedia but I'm scared my eyes will feel like falling out, like when I read up on ER characters. Holy crap, that show has been on forever. Movies that are coming out next week which I want to see are I Love You Man and Monsters vs. Aliens. Who's going to watch them with me? Eh? Eh? *nudge *nudge

It's been two weeks, I can't wait for my shirt! I assume most of you know that I love laser cats by now...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hands down, I'm too proud for love. But with my eyes closed, it's you I'm thinking of.

I'm stubborn in so many ways. I get very angry when I have to admit that I'm wrong, I'd rather do things my way and look like a dumbass. Sometimes, I'd even rather tell a little white lie than admit that I screwed up, even when I know the other person won't care. I know it shouldn't matter because I'm not a robot (and it's not the distant future, the year 2000). I don't like to admit that I want something/someone for the same reason why i hate crying: it makes me feel weak. I want to know that I can be comfortable by myself and with everything that I already posses and nothing more. I'm not comfortable with asking for help or advice, I have it in my mind that I can figure everything out on my own and that I can handle it. Truth is, I can't. I've barely got anything figured out. Feelings just weird me out.. Remember kids, it's healthy to suppress your feelings!

I've taking the liberty to not pay attention in class so my note book is becoming filled with blog posts sporadically placed in between my school notes. Never sit behind a couple at school. There is no need to try and feel your girlfriend up during class, no friggen need at all. Stats is disturbing enough on its own, I don't need to have a wall of puke in front of me too. This case is a little funny though because she clearly is not into him as much as he is in to her. In the beginning of the semester, I couldn't tell if they were together. It just seemed like he was trying to hit on her and she wasn't digging it. It is now clear that they are together though. I wonder how old they are because it seems like I'm watching a scene from high school. They have matching phone charms, bunnies, and his is the pink one.. They have conversations where they write on a piece of paper and pass it back and forth. They are holding hands. WTF?!

Monday, March 2, 2009

pick it up

As some of you may know, I'm slow on the pick up a lot of the time. I had to discover Lykke Li on Carson Daly by accident. What a depressing thought, discovering an artist from Carson Daly (all though he taught Earl about karma). After listening to her myspace for a few hours, I mosied to the official site. Not to my surprise, she recently came to the Commodore =( It was sold out. . maybe I wouldn't have gotten tickets anyway ... I went to HMV on Friday but it was sold out. So I went to look around since Phil was half an hour late (but bought 6 cupcakes from Cupcakes =)) I saw a new Dead Like Me product and got very excited so I picked up the new movie. I didn't really like it though. First of all, Rube was not in it and a (bad kind of) different actress played Daisy. I also did not like the director, he tried play down the cynical dark comedy element and something about showing emotion. That's crap.

An other discover I've stumbled upon is Kate Micucci. To my fellow Family Channel viewers (I know you're out there, don't be hating), she is the Cheese In A Cup girl from Cory In The House. For those Scrubs fan, she's Ted's new girlfriend, Gooch. The song she sang on her first episode about the moon as amazing! It's actually her song and I've been her myspace for hours as well. Mister Moon drinks lots of mineral whites and Heinikens! (Jonas) Bonus: she plays the ukulele!

I want to go see No Doubt but friggen pre sale is only for people in the Paramore fanclub or American Express card holders. Paramor costs $30/yr, what the flip is that about?! I hope we get good seats.

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