Friday, May 27, 2011

Noms + Stuff

PacmanFreshMirror, mirrorRingsKeychainsBella Gelateria Mrs. FieldsCup in a CupSummer DrinksRed Bean FishHealthy?Toro SyrupCupcakeHumphry SlocombeSalty SweetnessBitching BeerMulti-purose Food ComaHigh Class SweetsJam OutCookingFishies!Oh, Jellybean

Here is some food I've eaten and things that I like. I know, very interesting!


Matt said...

I agree with the top left corner picture. I was sad when I ate them, like how I get sad when I eat cute chocolate bunnies during Easter.

sammie said...

This Easter I ate a chocolate chicken but it wasn't cute so I didn't feel sad eating it. I don't know why it was a chicken ahah bunny was an option but Phil bought chicken. Still nice he bought me chocolate though.
PS Today I bought brioche and thought of you!

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